Net Surfing together with Axel, CarloAngela, FeniceEvo, Seica and Sintecop was present at the Teatro Regio in Turin SMILE event with a Smart Bench seat, entirely developed in Canavese, aimed at gathering places, both in the public and private arena, the interior and exterior reality, and meets the criteria of the new trends of smart living and smart city.

The solution is of interest to intelligent design solutions luxury (existing contact with outdoors decorators) for public gathering places (primary target, contacts with communities interested in developing tourism) and indoor meeting places (churches, halls conferences, pub/bar, terraces).

The solution is characterized by the design studio and made for the use of sustainable materials. It performs several functions, in addition to the classical function of furniture. Some examples can be charging point for personal electronic devices, communication point via QR codes, nightclubs lighting effects, music, heated seat. It is designed with vandal-proof protection. Within the project, Net Surfing deals with aspects related to the remote control functionality of the Smart Bench and technical coordination of the project.

Future developments after the first release: Increased Security Services with integrated accessories with camera/light/ Wi-Fi and solar panels. It will create an online community that real-time load and return info of the places where there are smart benches, using sensors to send infos such as temperatures. The prototype, now available, will be in production in late December 2013. The smart bench,after having taken part in local events in Canavese, has been presented at the Teatro Regio (Turin) as a concrete example of innovative ways to experience the city in a smart way. This happened in connection with the presentation of the Master Plan of SMILE (Turin December 13 2013). The City of Turin and Foundation Torino Smart City, in collaboration with the Fondazione Torino Wireless, wanted to involve the community actors (institutions, companies, research centers, the reality of the territory) in the identification of projects and ideas for smart cities of the future. The SMILE project which develops in the four strategic areas: Mobility, Inclusion, Life & Health, Energy, has pursued the goal of creating a clear and shared planning tool for the development of Turin as Smart City and identified with the preparation of the Smart City Master Plan of Turin, the trajectories of development, the objectives and priorities of the city in its intelligent evolution.

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