24 December 2012
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doc-plusAugust 28th 2012

Posten Norge adopted GlobalSearch.
Posten Norge (, the Norwegian Postal Service, decided to adopt Doc+ GlobalSearch, the Doc+ searching engine, to enhance and simplify the use of the data contained in their Asset Management System, based on Infor EAM, by more than 100 users.
GlobalSearch was proposed and installed in Posten Norge by Psiam SA, Net Surfing partner for Scandinavia.
GlobalSearch is a “Plug-in module” for Infor EAM, the Enterprise Asset Management System by Infor. GlobalSearch offers advanced indexing and search functionalities among which a unified "google like" search page for all the data contained in the Infor EAM system.
Doc+ and GlobalSearch are developed by Net Surfing and are commercialised world wide by Net Surfing and by Infor and its Partners Network among which Psiam SA for Scandinavian countries.

28 November 2012
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The Mobile Developers Directory (MODD) is a new initiative of 4 Wireless Innovation Centre and Mobile Internet, Content & Apps which has the dual purpose of giving visibility to the Italian community of developers of Mobile Apps and support between supply and offer.

MODD currently consists of over 150 names of mobile developers. For each name you will find the master data (website, email, telephone and location), as well as information on the main applications developed on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and HTML5.

Net Surfing is included with its applications:

IOS Apps: iCol
Android Apps:  iCol, Markets

And the number of Net Surfing applications for App market is growing.

12 October 2012
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Net Surfing participated in the project Alcotra Innovation together with a large group of Italian and French partners with a project idea that has been approved. This is the pilot ToM - Tourist on the Move. 

Idea: App to drive Tourists through “Plein Air and natural activities”.
The right information at the right moment about services and promotions in the region they are exploring.App to drive Tourists through "Plein Air and natural activities". The right information at the right moment about services and promotions in the region they are exploring. The core of the app is based on iCOL, Net Surfing existing app that will appeal to the community of campers.

Starting from already existing apps that address the community of campers and motor-home drivers we aim to expand the solution adding useful information also for cyclists, hikers and for all who practice aquatic sports. Thanks to the collaboration of different agencies from Piedmont and Liguria (two regions of Italy) and cross border French provinces , the idea is to provide one multilingual app with constantly updates contents concerning offers and promotions of the territories entering and integrating information from different websites: " all-in one services app" in order to provide services on any device mobile.

 Net Surfing action contributes by providing experience with its large community who participate in the activities of to be a living lab. We add the IT knowledge important in this context in terms of user experience.

Improvements compared to the state of the art: The proposed solution will be constantly updated and enriched with contents from Tourist Offices, Local Authorities, Restaurants and Hotel Managers that will be able to upload their last- minutes offers.

The end user is not forced to download a new version every time new contents will be available, plus the app is able to work efficiently also with a reduced GPRS connectivity, or even off-line showing the contents which the user has decided to store in the smart-phone in advance.

All the contents are geo- localized and displayed in different format.

Living Lab Approach The consortium includes different realities like the Confconsumatori association of Liguria and organizations that work together in order to promote tourism. The end users can also contribute with their own suggestions for possible functional improvements of the app.

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