25 July 2018
Category: news eng

A new version of Active GANTT has been released

31 July 2017
Category: news eng

Net Surfing S.r.l. is partner Advantech.

15 March 2017
Category: news eng

During the Advantech Solution Days in Milan 9-10 March Net Surfing organised a workshop dedicated to energy and environment saving with focus to the project Machine Electronic Assistance.

17 January 2017
Category: news eng

Net Surfing  is Advantech  focus channel  partner specialised and certified  to support and promote the Advantech  WebAccess platform and is  VIP member of the global recruitement program of  the l"Advantech WebAccess + IoT Solution Alliance".

01 August 2016
Category: news eng

Tekfor won the SMAU TORINO 2016 prize: reconvert to 4.0 industry.

Predictive maintenance and optimization of the performance: industry revolution 4.0 in the automotive sector.

To see the video click HERE (from minute 27.16)

Official Statement of the Prize

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