doc plusHow much time do maintenance technicians and employees in your organization waste each year looking for manuals, missing reports, warranty module, e-mails authorizing an action, or other computer files with information critical for their job?

Management of enterprise content makes more efficient your business processes and can be one of your major and most costly problems.

Infor EAM with doc+ is a powerful solution for archiving data and documents.

doc+ can help you access and management of all types of documents connected to transactions and processes that run not only with Infor EAM software but with all your Enterprise Management Systems.

doc+ is an "add on module" for Infor EAM. It provides Enterprise Document Management Capabilities fully integrated with Infor EAM to create a corporate policy for managing documents and knowledge.

doc+ «collects and indexes» the information (descriptions, comments) contained in the main EAM screens and inside the documents body and makes available the «Global Search» page: a single search point «Google like» from which you can quickly and easily retrieve the information you need.

The doc+ module has been conceived to offer in EAM a set of features that realize a real document management upsizing the basic Infor EAM version and maintaining its previous capabilities.

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Main features

  • create, capture, approve, manage revisions
  • index, manage, secure, administer
  • search, retrieve, access
  • repurpose, share & collaborate
  • retain, preserve, dispose

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