toolNet Surfing is pleased to announce the availability of TOOL+, EAM ‘plug in’ modules, Native modules: fully integrated with EAM, projected and developed to run within EAM and they are:

Document & Knowledge Management - doc+

Document versioning
Document workflow
User/Group/Entity permission structure for document access. Fine grain permissions
The «Requestor» users can attach documents / pictures / movies to their requests
Integration with the native EAM document management.
Rich set of meta-data associable with each document (with UDF fields)
Configurable documents repository (File system, DB, external document manager (sharepoint, etc.

Global Search

Indexing Engine for all the textual information within the system and inside attached documents. It collects and indexes:
the documents body text and documents metadata (EAM documents, doc+ documents, etc.)
the comments inserted via “Comments TAB” in all screens
All textual field of the standard EAM screensA unified search page «google like» with advanced search and faceted search. For each retrieved information you can visualize:

the retrieved text or document
the document screen
the EAM screen to which the text/comment/document belong
Scalable solution: the «Indexing Engine» can be installed on the EAM App. Server or on a dedicated server if you should manage an huge amount of data or a large number of users (searchers).


The "ActiveGantt" module lets you view and interactively manage the scheduling of Tasks:
Work Orders and Work Order Activities
Each Work Order / Activity is displayed by a bar that can be moved and resized interactively 
You can View and manage the percentage of completion and constraints between activities and WO
Coloring of the bars based on types / classes and states, fully customizable
Daily or monthly time scales. May be modified "on the fly"
Active Gantt TAB Available in WO screens, Projects, Campaigns. Selection of Work Orders via dataspy

...and more.

The composition of Tool+

  • Document & Knowledge Management: doc+
  • Global Search (Google like search facility for EAM)
  • Active GANTT
  • Compliance check list
  • Bar-Code generation and printing on local printer
  • Safety at Work (compliant with Italian L.81), “Work Permits” management

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