cloud computingNet Surfing offers internet services (Email, Hosting, Housing) using its own “Server Farm” in order to ensure a high standard of reliability to its customers.

The installations and infrastructure are managed with attention to Business Continuity (electrical supply, cooling, fire protection, perimeter security, network IP) and are subject to constant monitoring and surveillance, the work of specialized personnel. The Housing service allows companies to reside on your Server Farm, reducing costs and connection with the Internet provider of technical assistance, equipment and infrastructure.

The architecture of the server farm is based on the interconnection of separate virtual LANs for security level and by type of users. The network is fully redundant, which ensures operation in case of failure of each of the software and hardware elements that characterize it. To avoid delays in local connections, all the severs are connected in Ethernet connection with a joint to and from the Internet world. This is controlled with continuity in order to ensure an adequate dimensioning for optimum usability of the services by users.

The status of the server is subject to periodic automatic: in case of a failure sms immediately inform the garrison engineer to minimize the timing of planned maintenance.

Access to the Server Net Surfing is permitted only to authorized personnel; contents of the server are protected by sophisticated firewall and security systems that detect and prevent intrusion attempts.

The customer can use the qualified support of Network Engineering staff provided Net Surfing for the design, configuration and implementation of both housing and hosting solutions that, if necessary, to advanced IP services for businesses.

Logical security of the Server Farm is guaranteed by use of a centralized Firewall “last generation”, which can act as anti-virus and block worms, plus the ability to configure the policy content. Conventional protection systems are often too slow and the network dangerously exposed to attack.

Our Server farm

  • Directly connected with fiber links to the Internet Exchange  in Turin
  • Local armored with controlled access.
  • Video monitoring 24/24.
  • UPS for guaranteed operation up to 30 min by the current interruption.
  • Generators to manage outages more or scheduled.
  • A system for the detection of smoke.
  • Constant Air conditioning.
  • Monitoring infrastructure 24/7.

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