tuttoperilwebWe create websites for any need, from the  “company showcase” site to the online store;   the “dynamic” web portal completely manageable through back-office is our favourite solution.

We propose  solutions based on the most proven software free “Public domain” (Joomla!, WordPress), in order to minimize the cost of the solution.

Each site is designed according to the needs of the customer, which can  follow at any time stages of the work and intervene by requesting the appropriate changes.

All sites, from the first set are structured complied with the requirements for an optimal positioning in the search engines.

Restyling: Restructuring of existing sites, from simple changes or updates to restying complete, both graphical and content.

Bots: Study and development of sites optimized for search engines, analysis, advice and interventions to optimize existing sites.

Accessibility: Making websites accessible with assistance for obtaining approval CNIPA (for public).

Trademarks and logos: design and creation of trademarkes and logos, trademarks and logos digitizing exiting modifications to make them suitable for use on the web.

Graphics: realization of the layout and/or graphics as well as sites designed by us, also for third parties.

Domains and Hosting: for each project, when necessary, perform the registration or transfer of domain names with different extensions (.Com, .Net, .Or, .It, etc..), taking care of the necessary paperwork.

We offer several hosting solutions (rental space to host a site), depending on the needs of the customer. Net Surfing registrar is accredited by the, organ of the CNR, Italian authority for .it.

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