ajaxThanks to its expertise in web and activation of the new technologies, Net Surfing for several years is using AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) for the development of their web applications in order to offer the best performance even in complex web applications.

AJAX allows you to update web pages (or part thereof) without reloading the page through to exchange data in the background between the browser and web server. This technique allows to minimize the data transferred, for example by avoiding repeated transfer items (such as header, bottom…) or left unchanged offering a greater refresh rate.

Net Surfing through this technology has designed and executed the porting of a accounting system application from a client-server architecture to a Web obtaining the following advantages:

Cancel the installation costs of individual workstations
Improved graphics
Ease of use through the browser and operating system independence
High performance

Net Surfing develops  Web Interfaces using libraries based on Ajax, Jquery, Ext, Bootstrap and Angular js are just an example.  Net Surfing  builds a riche set of reports using different js libraries such as, Google Charts,, Charts.js.

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