figure 1 1 plc conceptual application diagramOne of the company's business is the design and development of software for controlled systems with PLC  and with SCADA supervision systems.

Technology for PLC and SCADA systems allows management of large flows of information, production data and process through which companies are able to make decisions in line with the objectives of efficiency, productivity, quality, affordability with respect of plant safety and workers' s health.
Our starting point is to know the company  needs with  a feasibility study of the solutions to be adopted before moving to the design phase.

PLCs are optimized in their structure for control tasks and designed with particular emphasis on robustness, availability and long-term immunity to error.

 SCADA Supervision systems are the most immediate way to control and operate in a a plant through the graphical representation.
We are not dependent on a specific hw  system , consequently we can offer the best solution according to the needs of the customer. We then provide software and firmware solutions for industrial automation applications for all major brands in the industry.

We develop algorithms for the solution of any problem of automation and implement SCADA systems for all kinds of industrial monitoring solutions

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