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IOT solutions

IOT Solutions

Industrial automation, data collection from the field, digitization, monitoring and analysis. Intelligent maintenance/integration with production and management is based on software tools that manage the raw data collected and convey it to the systems. We offer a solution built in partnership with the leading  Advantech: company: Advantech WebAccess


Advantech Webaccess

With Advantech Webaccess you can carry out digital transformation projects.
We offer integrated solutions that include the software platform with hardware devices for the collection of data to be managed in your systems. We can follow you in the analysis, design and implementation phases of your IoT / Industry 4.0 project and with ready-to-use solutions.

NS Energy Manager

It is our ideal solution, based on Advantech WebAccess, ideal for the monitoring process of:
– Electricity / Gas / Water
-Other utilities: industrial gases / compressed air
-Detailed energy usage data, related to the use (production output) and the “physical” operating data of machines and plants (IoT / Big Data / AI)


NS OEE Manager

It is our solution to keep under control the efficiency of your Industrial Assets, measure the true OEE and not simply what the machines have produced, by simplifying and automating the measurement: minimize/eliminate the need to enter data manually.