Net Surfing

About us

Netsurf SRL is a company founded in 1995 in Ivrea, Northern Italy, by a group of professionals coming from Olivetti’s Research and Development department. Its founders have worked for many years in the IT industry, with specific know-how and hands-on experience in design, development, testing and planning.

This experience has been shared with personnel hired into the company. Netsurf now has a multidisciplinary team of specialists in innovation, interaction design and software engineering and half of its personnel hold a master’s graduate degree. This ensures qualified, motivated staff and a constant interest in research. Targets are reached by staying on top of new business models and web development.

Team Netsurf 2020

Specific competence has been devoted to Enterprise Asset Management, Industrial IoT and Maintenance Engineering. Participating in European research and feasibility projects is a priority for the company to maintain its state of the art knowledge and its interest in transferring research results into its systems of workflow management,  content management and asset management.

Netsurf invests around 10% of its turnover in Research & Development.
Netsurf has participated in several research projects with the responsibility of SW Quality and SW development and is interested in growing its competence applied to specific use cases such as Asset Management and Industrial IoT.