About us

We were born as the first Internet Service Provider in Ivrea, a city known worldwide for its historic carnival with the famous Battle of the Oranges and for the iconic figure of Adriano Olivetti, who was fundamental to the history of information technology, but also to our history: our founders were in fact former Olivetti managers!


Since 1995 Netsurf integrates the skills of its founders, specializing in activities that are apparently different from each other, but united by the synergy and enhancement of each one’s abilities: two values that still serve as a common thread in Netsurf today, making it one of the largest IT realities in the Metropolitan City of Turin, in Piedmont.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer our customers services of the highest standard, with respect for people and the environment. We ensure this through constant training, the integration and enhancement of the skills of each member of our team and the promotion of sustainable attitudes. Synergy and cooperation are the core values of our company and underpin every service and every core and non-core business action.

Combining skills enables us to provide high quality services, while responsible behaviour allows us to protect the environment and the land, moving towards a better and more sustainable future.

Our Team

We have experienced and professional work teams, constantly trained and integrated with each other in order to combine the various skills in the realization of complete 360° services, from a technical, graphic, functional and communicative point of view.

The division into teams enables better communication and greater integration of skills and know-how, as well as the development of soft skills and team building.
All teams then work together in perfect synergy, building strong relationships even beyond the work aspect.

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