Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) refers to the effective and strategic management of corporate assets.

What is an asset?

Any asset that gives value to your company, whether tangible (e.g. machinery, real estate, vehicle, etc.) or intangible (e.g. logo, licence, certification, etc.) can be classified as an asset.

What is asset management software for?

It allows you to be aware of the situation of your assets, both on a purely physical and logistical/maintenance level.

Designing and implementing the results of maintenance engineering allows you to adopt the correct maintenance policy for your assets, with all the benefits that this entails: from a reduction in the incidence of extraordinary maintenance and a reduction in downtime, to the more effective organization of available resources, both human and material; all these elements contribute to extending the life cycle of your equipment and a significant reduction in costs.

All in compliance with regulations, ensuring well-being and safety for both customers and internal staff.

In a nutshell:

It reduces unpleasant contingencies and wasted resources and maximise productivity, efficiency and profit!

What are the advantages?


our expertise allows us to tailor the platform to best meet the specific needs of your reality, with a support service always available

Process Efficiency

by optimizing the organization of work and personnel, you can increase efficiency and gains in both time and materials

Energy Efficiency

the ability to control consumption will allow you to make conscious optimisation choices

Circular Economy

extend the life cycle of your assets and maximise their performance, reducing unforeseen interventions

Process Sustainability

better work management and increased efficiency result in reduced consumption, waste and a better quality of working life, for greater environmental, economic and social sustainability of your organization

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