Thanks to the experience and expertise gained over the years, we have created products to serve your company, to accompany it on its path to production, management and energy efficiency.

Enterprise Asset Management

Netsurf’s CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) for simple and intuitive maintenance management of your assets.

Our expansion modules for HxGN EAM:

All your company’s documentation at your fingertips: not just a binder, but a real tool alongside your company management!

An intuitive graphical interface for quickly scheduling maintenance activities and easy staff scheduling.

The reporting tool for measuring and improving the performance of processes, resources and assets according to the UNI EN 15341 standard.

Tools+ is the solution that unifies and upgrades the expansion modules developed by Netsurf for HxGN EAM, providing integrated management of documents, ‘active’ Gantt charts, job security and compliance checklists for your organization.

Internet of Things

Netsurf’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to meet your production scheduling needs in order to monitor and optimize the production process.

A solution to improve maintenance efficiency and productivity by exploiting many different data sources, from utility consumption to physical machine operation data and production output.


Netsurf’s solution for measuring your company’s OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness): the production efficiency KPI.

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