Our expansion module for HxGN EAM to have all your company’s documentation at your fingertips: not just a binder, but a real tool alongside your company management!


Manuals, reports, important emails, warranty forms, any document indispensable for your work is now conveniently accessible in the Doc+™ expansion module developed by Netsurf.


All documents on one screen, also available in a tree version, for clear and precise visualisation!

Customised characterisation

Full freedom in defining extra fields to reflect your company’s specific needs, as well as the association of documents with other entities within the HXGN EAM platform.

Starting with the On Premise version of HxGN EAM 11.7, you will benefit from the ease of documentation management thanks to the DocPlus™ module.

With Doc+™ you can

Manage authorisation and approval flows

Automatically compress images

Draft multiple versions of the same document

Create checklists within documents

Link various documents to other entities, e.g. Objects or Work Orders

Integrate documents in HxGN EAM with other document management systems

Tailor-made characterisation

The Doc+™ extension module offers for HxGN EAM the functionalities that realise true ‘Document Management’ to support the processes of:


  • Document production, acquisition, transmission
  • Organisation and preservation
  • Information retrieval and access
  • Archives, classifications, advanced searches
  • Revision management/ tracking

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