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Since 2017, we have successfully developed more than 100 Industry 4.0 projects, about half of which involved the bottling lines mainly of wineries, but also of mills and vinegar factories.

The production capacities of the customers we have satisfied vary from 20/30,000 bottles to a few million. Over the years, we have also cultivated direct relationships with major manufacturers of machinery related to the bottling world.

The implementation of an Industry 4.0 project in a bottling line enables more efficient management of operations, improving the quality of the end product, reducing waste and costs and optimising production processes.

It also contributes to a more sustainable use of resources, in line with European regulations and environmental protection!

What are the advantages?


monitoring of environmental conditions within your production line, such as temperature, humidity and brightness will ensure optimal conditions for product storage


monitoring and managing the flow of ingredients, bottles and finished products will enable batch histories, optimize inventory and provide the necessary information for quality control

Machine learning

artificial intelligence will enable advanced planning and scheduling solutions to optimize your processes and resource utilisation

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