Tools+ is the solution that unifies and updates the expansion modules developed by Netsurf for HxGN EAM, providing integrated management of documents, ‘active’ Gantt charts, job security and compliance checklists for your organization.

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Doc+™ extends the standard capabilities of HxGN EAM for comprehensive and superior document management, enabling precise organization, customization and association of documents with other entities in the platform.

ActiveGantt™ is an alternative to using MS-Project with HxGn EAM. It makes ‘active’ Gantt charts available within the platform that allow the visualization and modification of the planning of Work Orders, tasks, work safety and compliance checklists, to improve business processes and create efficiency and resource savings.

UNIque KPI Report makes reports on key maintenance indicators, including MTTR and MTBF, immediately available in just a few clicks, in compliance with the UNI 15341 standard.

The Doc+™, ActiveGantt™ and UNIque KPI Report expansion modules can be purchased individually as of HxGN EAM version 11.7.

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