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Frantoio 4.0 De Cesare – Technological innovation as a pillar of the business

Frantoio De Cesare

Frantoio 4.0 De Cesare – Technological innovation as a pillar of the business

A story born in the 70s when Mr Matteo De Cesare, driven by love for his land, laid the foundations for the company it is today.

The Frantoio Agricola De Cesare is a place of magic, of suggestion. He is the son of a tradition that comes from afar. Far away in time, in the history and passion of a family that has made the love of their land, the awareness of what it holds and can give, the mission of a lifetime.

The mill has been the subject of demanding innovative investments that it presents high-quality tools and productivity.

Quality, safety, and attention to the environment are the objectives that the Frantoio Agricola De Cesare aims to offer competitive and compliant products and services.

In order to achieve and maintain these goals, they introduced new digitization processes in compliance with I4.0 requirements, with particular attention to the data collected which can be processed to offer useful information for improving and optimizing company processes. Often, however, these processes, if not digitized, risk being burdensome, disorganized and unmonitored. This is why the Frantoio De Cesare chose Netsurf’s Supervisore-I4.0 for its excellent price/performance ratio and ease of use and integration into company processes.

The De Cesare Industry 4.0 project started with the purchase and installation of a new and more efficient plant for processing olives. The new plant consists of:

Station 1: Reception and Cleaning
Station 1a: Sorting machine for table olives
Station 2: Crushing and kneading
Station 3: Solid-liquid decantation
Station 4: Oil-water separation
Station 5: Processing of the pits

it was interconnected via the company network to the Supervisor-I4.0 with a few simple configuration tasks of the software solution. The data exchanged between the Supervisor and the new plant were also integrated with the company management system, an activity performed with great professionalism by Start System of Foggia, thanks to the ease of integration of the Supervisor with the various management systems.

Thanks to the interconnection of the Supervisor with the new plant and the company management system, it has been possible to completely eliminate paper from the company processes: the production order generated in the ERP is synchronized directly on the new plant and all of the production data such as times, stops production, alarms and quantities produced are automatically associated with production orders. Through the analysis of production history data and the use of KPIs, it was possible to monitor production efficiency by optimizing the costs of each batch produced.

The objectives of the project were:

Amortize the purchase of the new production plant;
Allow personnel to check that the settings of the various stations of the production plant comply with the data coming from the management system, using information automatically displayed on the user interface available on a PC/tablet on the line;
Automatically detect operating data (processing times, the machine stops, quantities produced) and correlate them to the production data of the company management system to keep the “costs” of each finished product under control and optimize;
Have a technology that allows the data collection base to be expanded in the future to include other components of the system and any other machines and systems and to monitor and optimize the plant’s energy consumption;
Have a technology that will allow for the creation of automated quality control solutions in the future (using appropriate sensors and cameras) and implement predictive maintenance policies;

Dr Roberto De Cesare, CEO of the company declares himself extremely satisfied with the collaboration that took place recently with Netsurf and wishes to express his heartfelt thanks for the support, professionalism, high skills, team spirit and harmony created that have determined the excellent success of the work carried out and the results achieved.