Net Surfing


Tools+ is a collection of plug-in modules for Infor EAM. It combines amalgamates and updates the Netsurf plug-ins for Infor EAM ensuring integrated management of documents, “active” Gantt charts, workplace safety and compliance checklists (for example the COVID19 compliance standards).

TOOL+ is a suite dedicated to the non-automated business processes within a manufacturing enterprise for document management and task scheduling. It supports the user by collecting information, guiding through the plant and managing the day-by-day working tasks. The system allows the application of workflows for modeling arbitrary business processes on mobile clients. Workflow activities through mobile clients can be executed off-line, and progresses and changes in the distributed database are synchronized upon connection. The work scheduling department can schedule tasks to different users and different mobile devices. Beside other activities, TOOL+ can be used for reporting of operations, inspection rounds and maintenance activities within production sites. It allows the configuration of almost every manual business process.

Doc Plus

Doc+™ offers a set of features that realize a full Enterprise Document and Knowledge Management system, maintaining and upsizing EAM standard document management and information search & reporting capabilities. GlobalSearch™ features a unified, «Google-like», EAM search page. A single place in EAM from where to search any description, any comment, any documents content.

Active Gantt

ActiveGantt™ an alternative to MS-Project making available EAM “integrated” and “active” GANTT diagrams for Work Orders and Activities.

It offers new releases of all modules specifically designed to work with EAM Rel. 11.

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