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Active GANTT for HxGN EAM

This 21st-century solution is built to address your unique challenges.
Designed for progress, Active Gantt offers a graphical planning tool within HxGN EAM.

Inspired by innovation, it is a cutting-edge solution and serves major customers to improve their business processes creating efficiency and saving resources.

The ActiveGANTT Plugin has completed the transition to the CLOUD.
Now within the HxGN EAM cloud, it is possible to benefit from the ease of updating schedules thanks to ActiveGANTT.

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Active GANTT per Infor EAM


Net Surfing “Active GANTT for HxGN EAM” is the right “visual” tool to interactively work with Projects and Activities that last
several days and can be added to HxGN EAM screens with a new TAB, named “Active GANTT” and represent Events (WO), Activities and Employees’ workload in a GANTT diagram by allowing the user to view and interactively change start/end dates and percentage of completion on Event (WO), Activity and Employee scheduling.