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Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management

ISO 55000, maintenance engineering, management of company assets: since 2001 we have been offering Asset Management consultancy and solutions. We are partners of Infor and Hexagon, leading companies in the sector, and with HxGNEAM by Hexagon we build solutions thanks to our process competencies and our customizations. As completion of our offer, we propose a simple and advanced platform to manage and monitor the machinery.


ISO 55000

The ISO 55000 standard for asset management focuses on the strategic role of asset management, as a set of coordinated activities of an organization to maximize the value generated by the assets. To acquire skills and know-how we offer consultancy and training services.


doc+ is the tool ideal for management of documents and knowledge. An extension plug-in for Infor EAM offering a powerful solution for archiving, the management and the texts and documents search.

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Doc Plus Infor EAM
Active GANTT

Active GANTT for HxGN EAM

Made to face unique challenges.
Designed for the future, Active Gantt offers a graphical planning tool within HxGN EAM.

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Tools + combines amalgamates and updates the Netsurf plug-ins for HxGN EAM ensuring integrated management of documents, “active” Gantt charts, workplace safety and compliance checklists (for example the COVID19 compliance standards)

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