Our expansion module for HxGN EAM: an intuitive graphical interface to quickly schedule maintenance activities and easily schedule personnel.

Thanks to the Gantt chart, you can graphically represent and visualise the timeline and progress of a task; in addition, each member can see their own tasks and the impact of their work on the whole project.

Starting with HxGN EAM version 11.7, it is possible to benefit from the ease of updating schedules thanks to the ActiveGantt™ expansion module designed by Netsurf.

With ActiveGantt™ you can

  • Work interactively for projects and tasks lasting several days
  • Add new TABs called ‘Active GANTT’ to HxGN EAM screens to represent employee events (WO), tasks and workloads in a GANTT chart
  • Interactively display and edit start/end dates, completion percentage of events (WO), tasks and employee calendar

The cutting-edge solution to help your organisation improve business processes and create efficiency and resource savings!

The advantages

  • Awareness of the system status through a global planning view
  • Possibility of detailed views for even more precise planning
  • Increased work fluidity: everything can be planned from the same screen
  • Education in work structuring through the creation of intelligent dataspy

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