Thanks to its many years of experience in IoT and Asset Management, Netsurf has developed the Energy Analytics System for collecting and monitoring consumption data of industrial utilities and their correlation and integration with production data and physical operating data of machines and plants.

What does it do?

The effective and strategic analysis of the collected data enables the best decisions to be made with a view to reducing consumption, as well as monitoring trends over time. In this way, energy efficiency can be concretely realized.

Why choose EAS?

Netsurf’s Energy Analytics System is available in cloud and on premise versions, and can be integrated with any meter and maintenance management systems for complete control and sustainability of all business processes.

The advantages

Simple customizable interface

a single platform for all actors with a scalable architecture to easily have all consumption and production data at your fingertips, integrated with each other


remote control via any device


Real-time reports, performance metrics and KPIs easily available at the click of a button


possibility of notifying alarms and events, for always timely intervention


data historization and machine learning mode allow comparisons to be made over time and trends to be verified

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And with the other products for production management, production optimization and maintenance management, you can easily have all your business processes under control, a prerequisite for embarking on the road to global efficiency in your organization!

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