The maintenance management system Manù is a solution for managing all your assets through an easy-to-use application designed to be used directly in the field, via smartphones and tablets, and with a user-friendly interface that is easy to assimilate and interact with, especially for maintenance technicians and field trouble-shooters.

Netsurf, with over 20 years‘ experience in Asset Management, with a focus on maintenance management, is the ideal partner to support you not only in providing the software solution, but also in analyzing and customizing the proposed platform, aligning it to your actual needs.

Main features

Asset catalogue
hierarchical customization, customization of fields, tree navigation, tabs for each object

Document archive
possibility to insert photos and videos, technical documentation, certifications

Work order management
simplified user-friendly interface for technicians, possibility to insert photos and videos, possibility to assign the order to the technician, visibility of progress, report creation

Routine management
classification of orders by priority, work calendar, checklists, periodic schedules

dashboards on objects and maintenance, filters to extract data, export to external files

Spare parts Warehouse management
possibility of creating one or more warehouses with customization of hierarchies and fields, tree navigation and integration with operations for unloading parts and costs

The application provides several access roles, which define what each user can do within the application.

The available roles are:

can manage all master data, objects and work orders

can view object master data, manage their (assigned) work orders and create new ones

can view object master data and open action requests

Thanks to our expertise, we want to bring companies innovation to improve processes with a view to sustainability, in line with environmental requirements and European regulations.


  • Continuous monitoring of processes and consumption
  • Creation of indicators and reports ready for the sustainability report
  • Reduction of costs due to operational inefficiencies
  • Identification and calculation of KPIs
  • Facilitated access to financing

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