Thanks to our years of experience in data collection and processing, we have developed the solution to manage and monitor the performance of company assets in order to critically evaluate production efficiency.

What is OEE?

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), or Overall Asset Efficiency, is a standard industry indicator of the performance of a machine, production line or process in terms of:


  • Availability
  • Speed (performance)
  • Quality

The advantages

Open data input

your production data will be collected directly from PLCs and SCADA or from ERP and MES


automatic processing of dashboards and reports with the possibility of exporting to external files and extracting raw data for further analysis


the solution is natively integrated with Netsurf EAS for energy consumption analysis and with maintenance management platforms such as HxGN EAM and Manù for complete control of your organization’s processes

Scalable architecture

available in on premise and cloud versions and suitable for future expansion and integration to accommodate your organization’s needs

Facilitated Usability

intuitive graphics and auto-completion will accompany your employees in using the software


real-time measurement and calculation of incidence on a daily basis

Choose Netsurf and concretely achieve production efficiency, with a highly customizable and scalable solution, able to grow with you and adapt to the evolutions and new needs of your organization and easily integrated with your company’s IT systems!

And with the other products for consumption analysis, production and maintenance management, you can easily have all your business processes under control, a prerequisite for embarking on the road to global efficiency in your organization!

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