doc-plusKystverket, Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA), adopted Doc+
The Norwegian Coastal Administration ( is in charge of the management and security of the Norwegian coastal vessel traffic and its ports.
NCA uses satisfactorily Infor EAM for the management and maintenance of its many "assets", ranging from yachts to maritime and port signs.
On October NCA has decided to strengthen its asset management system by adopting a modern document management system and chose Doc+, the Infor EAM native module for the Document Management. Doc+ was proposed and installed in Kystverket by Psiam SA, Net Surfing partner for Scandinavia.
Doc+ is an “add on module” for Infor EAM. It provides Enterprise Document Management Capabilities fully integrated with Infor EAM. It offers also advanced indexing and search functionalities among which a unified "google like" search page for all the data contained in the Infor EAM system.
Doc+ and GlobalSearch are developed by Net Surfing and are commercialised world wide by Net Surfing and by Infor and its Partners Network among which Psiam SA for Scandinavian countries.

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