Aug 2015

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Net Surfing, member of UNI (Italian National Standards Authority) with active collaboration on asset Management offers courses and seminars to introduce the ISO 55000 and raise awareness among companies on the strategic role of asset management.

 The ISO 55000 is applicable to any industry. Certification is not mandatory, but a company that has a significant investment in assets should take this into account. The standard considers various types of assets: those intended as infrastructure, facilities, equipment, buildings and other tangible objects; intangible assets such as corporate data of good quality, information systems, licenses; virtual assets such as brand, reputation, image, customer loyalty organization.

The Asset Management located at the center of the system must:

  • be compatible with corporate strategies;
  • be integrated with business processes;
  • provide the resources to implement a system of continuous improvement;
  • ensure that the system achieves the desired objectives;
  • ensure alignment between corporate strategic plan and objectives

The ISO 55000 series comprises three standards:
• ISO 55000 provides an overview of the subject of asset management and the standard terms and definitions.
• ISO 55001 is the requirements specification for an integrated, effective management system for asset management.
Note: 55001 defines requirements for a management system, in the same way as ISO 9001 specifies a quality management system, and ISO 14001 covers an environmental management system. ISO 55001 is not, therefore, a specification for an asset information management system (sometimes called “enterprise asset management” system). Such software systems are, however, recognised to be useful aids (‘enablers’) for good asset management and Net Surfing is proposing Infor EAM as suitable solution to support the implementation of this standard
• IS0 55002 provides guidance for the implementation of such a system.

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